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What is it?

Awareness skills to identify potentially threatening/dangerous situations
Avoidance tactics & strategies
Simple easy to use self-defence

What needs does it address?

Perceived & actual danger in the work place
Perceived & actual danger in social situations
Spot the early warning signs of danger before it happens
Early intervention and defusing strategies
Managing situations for safety's sake

Who is it for?

Professions dealing with the public

Council staff
NHS staff
Delivery staff
Estate agents
Public transport staff
Retail staff
Event management staff
Hospitality staff
Field sales professionals

The general public

Shift & unsociable hours workers
Every day situations
Every day social events
The insalubriously domiciled

What benefits does it bring?

Confidence based on knowledge
Awareness based risk reduction
Managing & using nature's reactions to threats
Life skills applicable to everyone everywhere every day

How do I go about getting this training?

Call us on 07739 977 290
Email us on