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Shin Gi Tai Links

We have found a number of related business and groups useful to our students and also list club members business links as a members service. If a member would like their business or hobby site listed, please send us an e-mail via the 'Contact' option on the menu.

Many thanks - The SGT Team




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Shin Gi Tai Useful Links

Mona Books

This is a good source for books both modern and rare. Worth having a look at what is on offer for any serious student of karate.
The Shotokan Dawn series are excellent historical records of Karate development in the UK.
Club members are eligible for a discount on most books.

Mona Books Logo on Shin Sgu Tai Karate Links Page

International Seito Karate Kenkyukai

International karate study group, offering workshops, discussion forums and skills assessment facilities. See their full website for details. Just click on the logo.

ISKK Logo on Shin Sgu Tai Karate Links Page

Blitz Sport

We have been purchasing the vast majority of our equipment from this supplier since before we opened the clubs in 2002 and have found them to offer good quality products at a fair price.
Check out their website and either order direct or ask us to include your requirements with our next order.

Blitzsport.com - Get 10% off your first order!

HighSpeed Web

This company has been supplying our website hosting since we developed the site around 2002 and have provided a good level of support and service over the years. There is a range of affordable services and options and one should suit your needs.

Dragonfly Dreams

This company develops handmade jewellery and promotional items from a wide range of products. We have had some great key rings made up for special gifts at our club and looking at developing some other unique items.


Earn some commission by placing links on your websites. Many suppliers to choose from so bound to find some to suit your business or personal interests.

LinkShare UK Referral Program

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