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Book Reviews.

Below is a list of some books the author of this site or his students have read. Where the book title is underlined, a hyperlink is available, click on it to see the an opinion of that book. The review will open in a new window that you can close after reading the review.

If you have any opinions of the literature and would like to add them, please e-mail me.

 Ch'i     Health & Healing    Jeet Kune Do    Karate    Misc.   Philosophy    Weapons       



     Gichin Funakoshi 
  Karate-do Kyohan
  Karate-do My Way of Life
Karate-do Nyumon
     M Nakayama
  Best Karate vol 1 - Comprehensives
  Best Karate vol 2 - Fundamentals
  Best Karate vol 3 - Kumite 1
  Best Karate vol 5 - Kata: Heian, Tekki
  Best Karate vol 6 - Kata: Bassai, Kanku
  Best Karate vol 7 - Kata: Jitte, Hangetsu, Empi

Best Karate vol 10 - Kata: Unsu, Sochin, Nijushiho

  Best Karate vol 11 - Kata: Gojushiho Dai/Sho, Meikyo 
  Dynamic Karate  
     Prof. Rick Clark

75 Down Blocks

Pressure Point Fighting

     Bill Burgar
  Five Years One Kata
     Chris Parker
  Insights - Along the Warrior's Path
     Ian Abernethy
  Bunkai Jutsu
  Karate Grappling Methods
     Shihan Tak Kubota
  The Art of Karate
     Ken Singleton
  An introduction to Karate
     Emil Farkas & John Corcoran
  The Dictionary of Martial Arts
     Martial Arts Commission
  KTG Karate
     Dr. Clive Layton
  Shotokan Dawn Volume 1
Shotokan Dawn Volume 2
     Gursharan Sahota
  The Shotokan Handbook: Beginner to Black Belt
     Goran Powell
  Waking Dragons


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Jeet Kune Do:              

      Larry Hartsell
Jeet Kune Do - Entering to Trapping to Grappling  Date read - February 2002  ISBN 0-86568-051-5
      Larry Hartsell & Tim Tackett
Jeet Kune Do - Volume 2 - Grappling counters     Date read - February 2002   ISBN 0-86568-081-7


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Ch'i :

     Geoff Pike & Phyllis Pike
  Ch'i - The Power Within

Date read - June 1998                                ISBN 0-8048-3099-1

     Paul Dong & Thomas Raffill
  Empty Force - The Ultimate Martial Art



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Health & Healing:

      Dr Stephen T. Chang
  The Complete System of Chinese Self-Healing

 Date read - active                                ISBN 0-85030-771-6



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     HH Dalai Lama & Howard C Cutler
  The Art of Happiness   Date read - June 2000 ISBN 0-340-75015-4
     Miyamoto Musashi
  The Book of Five Rings  Date read - January 1996   ISBN 0-00-638434
     Vince Morris
    Zanshin   Date read - March 2002   ISBN 0-87728-756-2


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     Fumio Demura
  Tonfa Date read - June 1995     ISBN 0-89750-080-6
     Sid Campbell
  Ninja Shuriken Throwing   Date read - April 1995  ISBN 0-87364-273-2
     Hirokazu Kanazawa
  Dynamic Nunchaku Date read - November 1994  


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     Richard Byrne
  The Complete Art of Breaking
     Geoff Thompson
Three Second Fighter
  Dead or Alive


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