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Shin Gi Tai Affiliations

We affiliate with groups who we believe will add benefit to our study of Karate and as such these may change over time as our needs change. Listed below are our current affiliated groups and a brief description of why we have affiliated with them.

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Shin Gi Tai Affiliations

International Seito Karate Kenkyukai

We register all our yudansha in this group to encourage them to study further the history and origins of karate without style. It is a study group containing some exceptionally well skilled senior karateka from around the world.

Ao-Denkou Jitsu

This group is the product of Professor Rick Clarks efforts in his teaching and study of kyusho jutsu. We use his literature and annual seminars as a source of training for our own kyusho jutsu skills development.


We follow the basic teachings of this group founded by David Hart in Rickmansworth, to develop our Iai and basic Kenjutsu skills.

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