Club BBQ - Adult Students

The annual BBQ took place at Malcolm Sensei's house on Saturday 8th September 2007. Over 20 people attended and with the able assistance of Feridun sensei we all had plenty to eat. Despite a mountain of drinks, everyone showed restraint... :)


Oh Man, Life is great

Paul and Heidi Terry relaxing ....

Hey Chef, where's the hat?

Malcolm sensei preparing the meat...

OK, so what's going on?

Russ and Julie Dewhurst talking to Tony Baldock

Pixie in the corner?

Judy (Mrs sensei) taking a break and talking to Feridun's wife, Linda

Professional Chef!

Feridun sensei taking over the meat cooking process... and a good job he did too..

The Epitome of a SGT Karateka

Must get the Image of the year award for this.. well done Russ!

Not Convinced

Don't think tony has Convinced Simon on the best way to control a burger when it attacks you at night..

Not Really?

Paco looking unconvinced or had he spotted Duke?

Oh Really?

Paco not looking totally convinced..

Buger Analysis

Sarah and Julie performing Burger Bunkai..

OK, so I am Getting Fat

Malcolm giving in to the allure of more food.. Ok well he is still growing.

Can I get that Burger B4 they Come Back?

Steve looking thoughtful.

Chatting Outside the Back Door

Students and partners testing out the new patio

Team Analysis

Steve, Nat, Paul and Feridun discussing some important issues.. :)