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Welcome to the Shin-Gi-Tai Kobudo Website for Kobudo Training in Kent

Where and when does the Shin-Gi-Tai Kenjutsu Club train?

The Shin-Gi-Tai Kenjutsu training classes are available

Every Friday between 8:30 - 10:00pm at:-

Grove Green Community Hall
District Centre Minor Centre
Grovewood Drive
ME14 5TQ

Click here for map

What is Kobudo?

Kobudo is the name used to refer to the ancient weapon arts of Okinawa and Japan. Although Kobudo and Karate are distinct and separate arts, the two are very closely related and many karate schools teach the use of weapons.

What weapons are studied in Shin-Gi-Tai Kobudo?

The training covers five primary Okinawan weapons

  • Nunchaku
  • Bo
  • Sai
  • Tonfa
  • Kama

And also offers an introduction to other weapons.

How do you structure the lessons?

All the lessons include a common warm up for all students. The students form small groups to focus their training efforts on their chosen weapon. A senior student will lead each of the groups in the techniques, drills, kumite or Kata for that particular weapon.

The training includes the traditional, practical applications of each weapon and its uses against the other weapons of the period. For example, Bo vs Sword, Sai vs Sword and other combinations are all explored. This approach promotes a greater understanding of the weapon, its origins and its practical in a realistic yet safe training environment.

The Shin-Gi-Tai Kobudo syllabus reflects the understanding of and practical application of each weapon and is graded accordingly. There are no separate grading fees for full club members

Come along and give us a try...

So if you are male or female, young or old, an experienced martial artist or new to the idea, or just fancy doing something different and hopefully interesting come along and experience the physical and psychological benefits of Kobudo in a very friendly and supportive local club that has been in the Maidstone area for over 10 years.

If you have any question click here to email us or click here to visit the main Shin-Gi-Tai Karate club website

Thanks for visiting the Shin-Gi-Tai Kobudo website and we hope to see you soon.

Renshi Malcolm Bates

Senior Instructor
3rd dan Kobudo (USMAA)

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